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Meet the Retail!

As you may knowjjLogoLarge, here at Flats on D we have 5 retail spaces on-site. We are proud to officially announce that the 1st of these retail spaces, (New England’s FIRST) Jimmy John’s, has begun renovations.

Generally Bostonians react 1 of 2 ways when they hear that the Illinois-based sandwich chain is finally making its way to the Northeast. Those who are familiar with the uber-successful franchise are ecstatic; those who have never lived outside New England are usually curious as to what this Midwestern sandwich chain isall about.

Jimmy John’s was founded in Champagne, Illinois in 1983 based upon the goal of providing the world’s best gourmet sandwich. Homemade bread, fresh condiments and meats, and unique recipes brought Jimmy John’s from one location in 1983 to over 1900 locations today.

Jimmy John’s may have grown as a corporation, but their values remain consistent. Jimmy John’s proudly bakes their own bread in-house, slices their own meats in-house, and refrains from using any products that contain additives or fillers.

A supporter of eco-friendly alternatives and local small businesses, Jimmy John’s is definitely a business with whom we are proud to share our building!

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