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And the Oscar goes to…

An estimated 36.4 million people tuned in last night to watch Neil Patrick Harris host the 87th Academy Awards! With the 2015 Award Season coming to an end, we thought we would share our award winners for Flat’s Oscars!

Our first award of the day is for Best Directing. This award goes to our fearless leader Alissa Isom. Thank you Alissa for leading all of us here at Flats on D everyday since opening in May 2014!!!

The next award we are honored to announce is Best Actor in a Leading Role. This award goes to Michael Barry in his performances you may have all seen on our Facebook page! Michael did five interactive tours that were posted on Bozzuto’s YouTube page. Haven’t seen them…check them out for yourself! All videos can be found on our Facebook Page!

We would like to award Best Costume to our APM, Callah. During winter storm Juno, Callah was the brave one to stick out the storm at Flats. Some of you may have seen her throughout the day going back and forth between the North and South Building. Some of you may have seen her but did not recognize her in her snow pants and oversize jacket! May not have been business professional attire but it helped get the work done that day when almost 3 feet of snow fell.

Best Short Film goes to the wonderful performance by our season office helper Darby and his take of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball. From what we hear, it only took Darby one take to get the 5 second film. Boasting 2,065 views and 34 likes, it is Flat’s most popular video to date!!

In a similar category Best Documentary, the timelapse video of Winter Storm Juno Snow Accumulation takes the statue! This 41 second video captures an 8 hour time frame of snow falling outside of Flats on D. With 20 likes and over 700 views, this short even got a share from our VP!

Our final award of is Best Picture! There were many nominees (135 moments captured on Instagram, 90 on Twitter and many, many more on Facebook) and it all came down to likes! The winner of this award was a simplestic photo of a couple bikes outside our building that must have forgotten it was winter and never made it inside; we’d like to title it No Rides Today! With 21 likes on Instagram, this photo holds the honor of Best Picture for 2015!

We would like to congratualte all our winners as well as all of our nominees! You’ve made 2014 (even if it was only a half-year) a great success and we can wait to see all the winners in 2015! To see all winners, check us out on Facebook!!!

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