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Get Green & Add Green by Going Green!

With the Winter of 2015 behind us ((hopefully)), all thoughts point to Spring and warmer, brighter weather. As the snow continues to melt and the green grass becomes visable again, we want you to see green in other ways. Check out some great ways to get more green (($)) and add more green ((to your apartment)) by going green!

Get More Green $$
Get GreenMake Your Own Green Cleaning Products– Household basics such as vinegar, lemon juice and soda work just as well as store bought cleaners and they’re non-toxic to you and the environment!
Wash Clothes in Cold Water– Clothes get just as clean but without the energy spent on heating the water. On warmer days, you can also hang dry some of your clothing!
Use Washable Rag Instead of Paper Towels– Use old rags or kitchen towels to clean up messes around the apartment. Not only will you be saving a few $, you’ll be saving trees! We’ve also been hearing a lot about ‘unpaper napkins’!
Unplug Your Charger– Once your phone, iPad, tablet or laptop is charged, you are just wasting electricity keeping it plugged in!
Bring Your Own Bag Reusable bags not only help the environment but now a lot of grocery stores will pay you back for helping them go green! Five cents a bag can start to add up!
Grow Your Own Produce– You’ll guaranteed your fruits and vegetables are organice if you grow them yourself.

Add Green To Your Space
Add GreenHelpful Houseplants– Houseplants can help clean the air in your apartment. Aloe vera, bamboo palm and gerbera daisy are just a few that can help clean indoor air! Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb, most of them need minimal care.
Turf Coasters– These not only look great during the football season, but they also add green to your apartment! They hold all cups and mugs in place perfectly without the need for cleats!!!
Grow Herbs and Spices on the Countertop– Not only will this add a great smell to the entire apartment, it will add some great flavor to your cooking. Sage, rosemary and thyme are the easiest to maintain. Yum!
It Can Grow There!-Tree fruits like apples and avocados can be grown in planters and don’t need all the space of a whole tree! You can also grow a variety of citrus and leafy greens from your standard flower planter!
Make A Succulent Wall– This will not only be a great way to add green but it will be a piece of art made by you!

For details on everything listed above and for more Going Green ideas, check out our newest Pinterest board


We’ll also having some great contests, resident events and incentives going on through out the month of April for Going Green. Keep an eye on your emails in the upcoming days!!!

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