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April Showers…

You would think with all the snow we got during the Winter of 2015, there would be no precipitation left in the skies. Unfortunately, there is some left and it looks like we’ll be getting quite a bit of it over the next few days. To help you tame the cabin fever that may ensue with all the forecasted rain, we’ve found some great rainy day activities for your apartment and throughout Boston!

Apartment Activities
Add to Your Recipe Book– Whether it is something new you want to add to your recipe book or something you want to master, rainy days are a great time to hit the kitchen and pretend you are a contestant on Top Chef. And here in the office, we are always ready to be your taste testers 🙂Fail
Indoor Camping/Glamping– This type of camping doesn’t require bug spray!!! Snuggle up in a sleeping bag or onesie, drink cocoa, coffee or adult beverage out of a thermos and make s’mores around the ‘campfire’. Turn off phones, computers and televisions and just enjoy the company of those around you and maybe share a few stories (but nothing to scary!)
Clean– You know you’ve been putting it off, Spring Cleaning. Time to get rid of those clothes that you haven’t worn since you don’t know when. Time to remove that Tupperware from the back of the fridge that once housed edible leftovers. Time to get that inch of dust off that top shelf. If you don’t do it now, you’ll waste a gorgeous Spring day doing it! What to do with the stuff after?! Donate!
Become a Pinterest Artist– Just like the cleaning, you have been putting off that collage your pinned months ago! Make your own coasters, sew your own sweater or master your own cocktail. Do It Youself, Make It Your Own! And sometimes the part that is most fun is seeing how close (or how far) you are from the photos on the Pin 😉

Boston Activities
Enjoy a Tea Party– Throw chests of tea into the harbor…oh, wait, no?! Have a luxurious afternoon tea with small teacups, little finger sandwiches and pinkies out! Visit the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons, Boston Harbor Hotel or the Bond Restaurant at the Langham for a range of classic or more modern tea parties! Cheers!
Tea PartyOutdoor Workout Indoors– Grab a carabineer and start climbing. No matter what your ability, rock climbing is a great source of exercise and a great source of fun! Check out Rock Spot Climbing’s indoor facilities through out Boston or reach new heights at Boston Rock Gym.
Take a Hop on the Trampoline– Once your feet are off the ground, your smile will be sky high with you! Go to just jump around or sneak into a 3D Dodgeball game and get some energy out!
See a Movie on the Big Screen– Visit the New England Aquarium or Science Museum to informative movies like you’ve never seen before, in IMAX! The Science Museum has a variety of movie adventures becoming available, from Dinosaurs Alive! to Mystery of the Maya. Don’t wait on Shark Week to learn about the rulers of the seas, watch Great White Shark on the big, big screen!

No matter how you decide to spend your rainy day, we hope you just enjoy the rain, hoppipolla!


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