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Boston’s Best Burgers

With the picnic season in full swing, we’ve been enjoying our fair share of burgers. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites Boston beef patties below!

Quick Service BurgersMmm...Tasty
Tasty Burger
An office favorite, Tasty Burger offers a long list of classic and innovative burgers. Choose from a laundry list of toppings like bacon, assorted cheeses, jalapenos, chili or even a fried egg. And for those looking to make sure everyone can be happy during your lunch break, Tasty offers bunless and Gluten-free options! And we won’t even get started on how amazing their shakes are.
Shake Shack
Speaking of shakes, the Shake Shack is Back Bay’s newest burger joint. While they have the basic list of burgers, cheeseburgers and bacon burgers, you can’t wait in line without pining over which flavor shack you are going to get! And could it get any better, they even have items on their menu for your furry friend!

Sit and EnjoyCraigie on Main
Craigie on Maine
Get it while it’s hot. The Craigie burger goes fast! This burger, that is filled with bone marrow and topped with oh-so-yummy cheese, causes a line to start to form outside this Cambridge location as early at 5:30pm! That has to speak to something.
jm Curley
This gastropub’s take on the burger has a 26 out of 30 rating from Zagat. The chalkboard menu has a creative list of rotating topping options that allow you to customize how you will enjoy your burger. jm Curley’s also has a veggie burger for all those vegetarians and vegans out there that would fool any meat lover into ordering it time and time again!!

Not Your Average Sloppy JoeLobster_Burger_1.0.0
Try the Big Mac Mantou. This ‘burger’ takes a traditional steamed Chinese mantou and turns it on its head with a filling of American cheese and ground beef. On top goes a sprinkling of shredded bok choy and sesame seeds.
Legal Crossing
When in Boston, do what all the Bostonians do…add some lobster to it. Legal’s take on a burger is a lobster patty with wasabi mayo and tempura avocado. Don’t be confused if you don’t see it on the menu, just ask for it. This secret menu item goes quick and is only served on Fridays and Saturdays!

Don’t like what you see? A little more adventurous with your burger selections? Take a peak at some of these great choices in the 2015 Battle of the Burger

Stop by our rooftop this Sunday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm for a BYOB “Build Your Own Burger”. We’ll bring all the fixings, you bring your appetite. 🙂

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