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Intern Insight: To Do List

Before moving to Boston for the summer, I had a list of things that I wanted to do while I was here. I have since completed little to none of that list, but I have acquired a respectable amount of geographical knowledge of the city relative to my favorite bar locations. One of the many things that I enjoy about the city of Boston is the close proximity that many landmarks and different places are to each other. For someone just moving to Boston, this is especially helpful in terms of trying to learn to navigate the city and learn his or her way around, even if it is the city without a straight road. In regards to the things that I want to complete before going back to school, there are three things that have to be completed, one by land, one by water and one by air, respectively.

By Land.
One of the most noteworthy expeditions that any visitor makes in Boston is the freedom trail. It is one of the most sought after historic excursions within the United States and embodies the experience of what it was like back in the colonial times. Denoted as one of the first historic walking tours of America, the Freedom Trail Foundation continues to work to preserve this perfect introduction to Colonial Revolutionary Boston. The Trail takes the visitor to 16 historical sites in the course of two or three hours and covers two and a half centuries of America’s most significant past. A red brick or painted line connects the sites on the Trail and serves as a guide.

By Air.
With arguably some of the best aerial views of Boston, the Top of the Hub restaurant is one of the most desirable spots for a meal in the city. The restaurant sits atop of the Prudential Center in downtown Boston and boasts an unbeatable view from one of the highest points in Boston and a premier dining experience. It offers an extensive menu including everything ranging from flatbread pizzas to seafood and steaks. Along with the restaurant it offers a full service bar with a professional atmosphere that makes for a perfect after dinner cocktail destination. I have plans to finish my summer in Boston off at the Top of the Hub with my parents as I prepare to go back to Upstate New York for the fall semester of my senior year at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

By Sea.
Lastly, but certainly not least is a duck tour of Boston. For those who are unaware of what a duck tour is (like I was before coming to Boston) they are amphibious vehicles designed to take people around the city via land or water. When I first got to Boston, I witnessed one of the Duck tours enter the harbor from land and I was mesmerized. Duck tours are not only one of the most informative tours around the city of Boston but also the tour encompasses geographical perspectives from all angles of Boston. The duck tours truly are a cornerstone of the Boston experience and I also plan on completing this task before I depart for school.

Perhaps one of the most enlightening experiences that I have taken apart of in Boston this summer was having the opportunity to attend a Boston Red Sox game and indulge myself in the Boston sports culture that is somewhat infamous around the rest of the country. Boston is known as a city that loves their sports and Bostonians notoriously refuse to let anything compromise their inherent dedication to their sports teams. On my travels home yesterday, along Route 90 next to Fenway Park stood a sign saying “New York Sucks!” and while every ounce of me wanted to tear down the sign, I actually enjoyed and embraced it. It showed what pride this city has in their sports and I think I am going to miss this place quite a bit here in a few weeks when I go back to school but in the meantime I will soak up as much Boston as possible.

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