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Pinterest Perfect Picnic

Picnics are great for an occasion; to celebrate a graduation, a birthday, a work gathering, a date or anything else for that matter. Great foods, great drinks, great entertainment and great company make for a great afternoon! Check out these Pinterest tips that will help take your picnic to the next level!!

02f9f5f31e4d6b698a3c05e517511088Great Food
Any picnic can have burgers, hot dogs and your variety of pasta salads. What will set yours apart will be the unique little touches. Try this great Salad-to-Go cup…just add dressing and shake for an easy side alternative. And every D-I-Yers favorite thing, mason jars, are a great way to make ready-to-go, easy shakable sides! Also preparing individual size portions for sides and desserts cuts back and plates and utensils!

Great Drinks
Ice CubesNothing beats having an ice cold drink in your hand but no one likes a watered down drink. These ice cubes are a great way to keep your drink cool and also add a little flavor as it melts. Adding fruit and herbs to all picnic drinks will bring that extra “ahhh” to refresh you on the humid and hazy summer days. Lavendar and basil as well as blueberries and watermelon seem to be all the rage this summer!

What do you need to make your picnic just perfect?

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