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Fall Favorites!

This time of year eveyone is pulling and looking through old recipes to find that “Fall Favorite”! Is it Grandma’s apple pie, your best friends pumpkin pie, or just a simple recipe for spiked cider? Whatever your craving we have some great recipes to try to enjoy with friends and or family.

After spending an afternoon picking apples, what better thing to use them for than to bake a fresh hot apple pie? Grandma Ople shares this amazing recipe of how to bake the best apple pie ever!!!!

If you find yourself solo, and don’t want to bake an apple pie, try this single serving size pumpkin cake! Quick easy, and super delicious.

What other way to top off the night than to enjoy a glass of apple cider sangria? This simple and yet tasteful treat will keep you warm even though served chilled. The nice flavors that hit the palat will have your tastebuds craving more..


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