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Stay Warm!

Staying warm in the Winter months is not as easy as it sounds. Our New England winters are so “bone chilling” that no matter how many layers you have on the cold just seeps all the way to the bone.  With these simple, yet tasty winter drinks and small bites, you can stay warm on any cold New England winter day!

Just to share how we would start our day check out below…

First we would start our morning with Nutella Buns and a BIG cup of Kahlua Hot Chocolate.  After a  night of sweet dreaming this should motivate anyone out of bed. This would be a tasteful breakfast with all day to burn off all those calories of pure deliciousness. J Following breakfast we would then have to snack on some Swedish Nuts ll while sipping on a Earl Grey Hot Toddy. While doing this reading a nice book or magazine while close to a window sounds perfect to an early afternoon. The bourbon in the toddy would be sure to warm you up on the inside. After all day of eating and drinking like a champ, the Smoky Deviled Eggs would be an awesome appetizer to enjoy while waiting for dinner to be ready. While enjoying the eggs, making a  pitcher of White Christmas Sangria would be a perfect drink to have  if having friends or family over.

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