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How To Make the Most of Flats on D Shops this Season

Make the most of Flats on D shops this season! From an on-site dry-cleaning service to banking and more, Flats on D makes life’s little errands easy and convenient. Flats on D shops make life a breeze!

Get your weekly errands done by making use of the on-site banking services here. Need to cash a check? You don’t have to go far from home to do so. Thanks to Flats on D’s on-site bank, you’ll no longer have to worry about rushing to the bank before it closes after work. That’s one less stress we can all get behind.

flats on d shops

Drop off your dry cleaning at the on-site dry cleaners at Flats on D. This shop makes it easy to check one more thing off your to-do list without ever having to leave home.

flats on d shops

Looking for a regular hangout spot? Make Dunkin’ Donuts your coffee and sandwich shop place! Here, you can sip on your favorite java drinks or munch on an afternoon snack. Meet up with friends, neighbors and family for a cup of joe on evenings and weekends or grab your morning cup on the way to work each day.

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Additionally, you can stop in at Jimmy John’s for a made-to-order sandwich.

Flats on D’s convenience store makes it easy to grab those last-minute odds and ends. Whether you forgot an ingredient while cooking or want to pick up some soup on a sick day, the convenience store has you covered.

flats on d shops

Seaport Wine has all your favorite reds and whites, conveniently located right at home. Stop in to grab a bottle after work or for a last-minute celebration.

No matter what you need, Flats on D shops have you covered! Our shops make it easy to get your weekly errands done and are the perfect place to treat yourself from time to time.

Ready to find your perfect fit at Flats on D? Schedule a tour today or contact us for more information.

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