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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Flats on D Den

Do you love the idea of having a den but are unsure use the extra space for? The Flats on D den is so versatile. There are plenty of options and opportunities for turning your den into a functional space that fits your needs. Here are just a few ideas to get you inspired for your Flats on D den, available with a select number of one-bedroom floor plans.


Office Space

If you work from home or use your computer a lot, turning your Flats on D den into an office space is a no brainer. A den allows you to have a space tucked away from the rest of your apartment home where you can just focus. It’s the perfect size for a cozy office with a desk and some shelves. 



Are you running out of shelf space for your books? Turn your den into a library full of bookshelves, a lamp, and a comfy chair for reading. This is the perfect space to relax and get your nose stuck in a book. Plus, you might even have room to buy some new books to add to your collection.


Yoga Room

Make your den a space for meditation and yoga. It’s easy to create the ambiance needed. Just decorate with plants. Have a small table for candles and a Bluetooth speaker to play calm and relaxing music. You’ll find that there’s still plenty of space for storage for any extra equipment or mat cleaning supplies you don’t want sitting out.  


Creative Studio

Turn your Flats on D into a studio for your hobbies and passions. Maybe your passion is music or art. This space is calling to be a studio for you to expand upon your creativity. 


Entertainment Space

Do you enjoy having guests over for games or game day? Make your den an extra space for entertaining. Add a bar and maybe a game table of your choosing. This intimate space is great for small groups to socialize. 


We hope you feel inspired to turn your Flats on D den into a space that complements your lifestyle. How do you plan to use your den?


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