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pet-friendly houseplants

Top Pet-Friendly Houseplants for Your Home at Flats on D

Houseplants and pets are two things that make a home feel complete. However, it can be a struggle to find pet-friendly houseplants. Ask your vet about these houseplants known for being safe for cats and dogs. Your Flats on D home can be a safe and uplifting space for the whole family.

Spider Plant

This low-maintenance plant is a win-win for pet-owners and those without a green thumb. It’s a very adaptable and resilient houseplant that has a nice ribbon leaf look. This plant will thrive in any space with indirect sunlight and humidity. Making it a perfect addition to your bookshelf or bathroom. 

African Violet

Add some color to your room with this flowering, pet-friendly houseplant. This popular houseplant is also adaptable to many diverse conditions so it should be fairly low-maintenance. With the large windows at Flats on D, there will be ample sunlight for this houseplant to blossom and grow in your living room or bedroom. 

Boston Fern

When living in Boston, it feels only fitting to have a Boston Fern. The Boston Fern is a pet-friendly houseplant that will look great in any room, hanging or just sitting on a table. Its green, full foliage helps fill a space with a natural pop of color.

Haworthia Succulents

Some succulents can be toxic to pets but this variety is known to be a pet-friendly houseplant. This small, unique and zebra-esque looking succulent is a great addition to any table or counter top. Since they prefer bright light make sure to sit them near a window and keep the soil moist.  

Parlor Palm

These pet-friendly houseplants eventually can get to three or four feet tall and do not need very much sunlight, especially not direct sunlight. Their height and low-maintenance make them a highly desired houseplant. Decorate your entryway or den with these tropical looking houseplants.

Houseplants and pets should be able to live in harmony with these pet-friendly houseplants. Now you can put your green thumb to the test and take advantage of the natural beauty plants offer. Your pets will love them too.

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