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How to Organize Your Flats on D Closet

Want to be a little less stressed first thing in the morning? It starts with your closet. It’s hard to put together an outfit when you just can’t find that one shirt you’re desperately searching for. Organize your Flats on D closet to make life simpler with these steps.

Empty and Clean

To have an organized closet, you need to start fresh. This means taking everything out of your closet, tossing it on the floor, and going through it all. Discard or give away any clothes that you either forgot you had or haven’t worn in the last year. Deep down, you know you won’t wear them again. Once you’ve gone through everything, you can begin to put the remaining clothes back in your Flats on D closet, this time with a strategy.

Color or Category Coordinate

The choice is yours. You can organize your hanging clothes by color or by category.  That is, all like colors are put together and separated from unlike colors or all similar clothing types – blouses, coats, dresses, etc. – are hung together. Either of these options creates a more visually appealing (and less overwhelming) closet. You’ll never have to struggle to find a specific article of clothing again.

Maximize Vertical Storage Space

Using available vertical storage space changes the entire layout of your Flats on D closet. It also means you can have more space for the things you want to put away but don’t have room to hang. Over-the-door shoe racks and rod hanging closet organizers are two great options to help make the most of the space. Even the dead space between the floor and the bottom of your clothes can be filled with bin storage units. Experiment with products to find what works best for your Flats on D closet needs.

Eliminating clutter and stress starts with a closet transformation. Jump start on spring cleaning with these organizational tips to help you make the most of your Flats on D closet. Simplify your closet. Simplify your life.

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