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Medical residents choose Flats on D

Why Medical Residents Choose Flats on D to Call Home

Medical residency requires spending a lot of hours at the hospital. After a long shift, there’s nothing better enjoying some time relaxing at home. Medical residents choose Flats on D because it’s not just a home, it’s a place that understands.


Medical residents choose Flats on D because they feel safe. You get streamline entry with a single FOB for building, unit, and amenity access. Even the parking area is gated, so no one can enter unless they’re a resident. Plus, the community-driven atmosphere at Flats on D means that your fellow residents are looking out for you, too.


Located in Seaport, Flats on D has easy access to the Boston area. For medical residents, time is of the essence, so being close to work is important. Work is stressful enough, so why make the commute a challenge? Within just 5 miles of Flats on D, there are more than 10 hospitals and medical facilities. The Silver Line is a walking distance away. Transportation is convenient making life more simple.


Quiet time. It’s something we all crave at some point or another. Medical residents deserve to come home to a place of tranquility where they can rest their body and minds. Step away from the bustling streets by relaxing on the roof deck. Take a walk on the Lawn on D path or meditate on the grass. Making Flats on D your home means you’ll always have a sanctuary.

Medical residents choose Flats on D to call home because we take care of you the same way you take care of your patients. You’re in good hands.

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