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3 Best Shopping Spots in Seaport for Spring Decor

Sunny days and warm breezes are almost here! The gloomy weather is coming to an end, so it’s time to brighten up your life and your Flats on D apartment. Looking for inspiration? Not sure where to go for your decor dreams? Welcome the spring season to your home with help from these shopping spots in Seaport.

Neatly Nested

This design and decor store offers a variety of furniture, rugs, pillows, houseware, wall decor and more. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for or need help finding the right vibe for you, Neatly Nested is the place to go. The staff is eager to help you choose what fits best in your home and suits your taste. You’ll leave with a fresh, cheerful selection of decor designed just for you. For shopping spots in Seaport, this is the premier for finding the unexpected.

For Now

For Now is one of the shopping spots in Seaport that sells brands and items you really can’t find anywhere else. This retail space is dedicated to private, local brands that sell a variety of unique products. The store’s selection features apparel, accessories, and artisan treats along with home decor, so be sure to take your time. You might find your new favorite brand and your new favorite piece of decor!

Stapleton Floral

Nothing says spring like flowers. Liven up your home with Stapleton Floral’s designs. Specializing in floral designs for homes, their creations will reflect your personal style and have an uplifting effect on any who see them displayed in your Flats on D apartment. Bring a spring inside and add pops of color by shopping at this Seaport shop.

There are plenty of shopping spots in Seaport to meet your spring decor needs. Transform your apartment into a warm, bright paradise to get you ready for the new season. What will you buy?

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