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Play These Games at Flats on D to Stay Entertained in Your Home

Need a break from binge-watching Netflix? Sometimes, you just want something new and exciting to do. Being at home doesn’t have to stop you from having a fun, exciting night. Bring together your family and friends and try out these simple – but entertaining – games at Flats on D.

Heads Up!

This is a game you can play on your phone that provides group entertainment for hours. Download the Heads Up! app and go ahead and pay the 99 cents to upgrade – you’ll want it. The game is simple. One person holds the phone up to their forehead, a word is shown on the screen, and all other plays have to act out, describe, or maybe even sing the word for the user. There’s a one-minute timer, so the pressure is on! Categories include animals, movies, accents, songs from all eras, and more. There will be a lot of failed attempts, so this is a game guaranteed to get everyone laughing.


Though Heads Up! resembles charades, sometimes there’s nothing like the classic. This timeless game brings the party right into your living room. Make it as simple or complicated as you want. Go all in with costumes and props or keep it straightforward. Make teams, categories, or special rules. Be competitive or just have fun. Video chat your friends and get them in on the action! Charades is really whatever you make it out to be. This is one of the games at Flats on D you can’t go wrong with, no matter your age.

Most Likely To

There’s no score keeping in this game, but that doesn’t mean its not entertaining. Gather your family together in the living room or call up you friends. One person will ask a question they make up off the top of their head, like “who’s most likely to embarrass themselves in public?” The other participants must then point to (or say, if you’re a phone or video call) the person they think. Whoever has the most people call them out doesn’t lose, but they might have to reevaluate their life. What do your friends think of you?

Classic Card Games

Crazy Eights, Hearts, Blackjack, Poker and more! There’s a classic card game for all ages and experience levels. Playing games at Flats on D is easy as long as you have a deck of cards. Test your luck and your skill with any classic card game or be creative and invent your own. Gather around your living room floor or kitchen table and let the competition begin!

Boredom be gone! Play these games at Flats on D and spend your evening laughing and competing with those you love the most. Let the fun begin.

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