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Practice These Self-care Tips at Flats on D to Relieve Stress

Life is stressful. This stress can take a hold on your body and mind, if you let it. That’s why self-care is so important. You deserve to feel your best. Practice these self-care tips at Flats on D to relieve stress. You can take on anything and everything, but you need to take care of yourself first.


Self-care takes work. So, sweat it out. Regular activity several times a week is good for both your physical and mental health. Go for a jog outside or find an in-home workout to follow along to. You’ll work off some stress and get rid of built up emotions.

For a calmer approach, try yoga to cope with stress. Your body needs to move to let out tension, anger and other stressors. This is one of many self-care tips at Flats on D that will actively help you work through things that are weighing on you. Give it your best and soon exercise might become your favorite – and most essential – part of your day.


There’s lots of ways to reflect and lots of benefits to taking up this self-care practice. Journaling is one of most common reflection exercises. Write down stressful or emotional thoughts to get them out of your head. Keep a gratitude journal that focuses on the positives of your day. Keep the pages you write or throw them out. Though it might not seem like it, simply writing something down immediately clears it, at least somewhat, from your head.

If writing isn’t for you, consider painting canvases in ways that express what you’re feeling. It’s not about what you do to reflect, it’s about helping you find a positive way to release so you can finally have some clarity.


Meditation has the power to shift your mood and mindset in minutes. Overtime, the benefits can be life changing. Of all the self-care tips at Flats on D, meditation is the simplest, but most effective one. Not sure where to start? Check out this website that features 21 meditation podcasts with something for everyone and every need.

These practices will help you bring awareness to your breath and focus on your present moment. You’ll feel more at peace and focused. It’s important that for this, and any of these self-care tips at Flats on D, that you’re in a place where you feel comfortable. Meditate in your bath with a candle and aromatherapy. Turn on a podcast when you’re in bed trying to sleep. Listen as you sit outside soaking up the sun. Do what feels right.  Everything else will fall into place.

With these self-care tips at Flats on D, you can finally feel the stresses of life fall away. Let go of the things weighing you down. Reset for the day to come. It starts with you.

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