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How to Support Local Businesses in Seaport

They know you by name. They care about the community. They’re neighbors and friends. The local businesses in Seaport are what makes this neighborhood a special place to live. What can you do to show them that you care? Hint: it’s not all just about money.

Start a Local Business Network

A local business network is a place where people can engage with businesses remotely. Businesses can promote deals and services, and customers can interact with businesses and other consumers. This is a great way to show local businesses in Seaport that you love and care for them! Plus, you’ll reap the benefits too by keeping up to date on your favorite business’ sales without ever leaving your Flats on D apartment.

If you want to go the extra mile, use the network as an outlet for an online contest or drawing. Get your neighbors in on it. Each week, have someone choose one of the local businesses in Seaport to support. They’ll buy a gift card or a service credit from that business and offer it as a prize for the network’s weekly contest or drawing. It’s a fun way to stay engaged in your community, and it’s a simple way to help local businesses in Seaport grow!

Give Positive Feedback

Social media is a great tool, especially for local businesses. Follow your favorite local businesses in Seaport. Share their posts. Encourage your friends to check out their page. For the business that you just can’t get enough of, write them a stellar review. Tell the world what you love about them and why. Your words can really have an affect on others. You don’t have to write a public review, though. Simply telling the business owner that you enjoy coming to their store shows that you support them. Let your favorite spots know that their efforts and products matter to you. It doesn’t sound like much, but they’ll appreciate the kind words more than you know.

Donate, Tip and Buy

It seems obvious, but it’s still important. Sure, it’s easy to order everything online from Amazon and have it at your door in two days. But as often as you can, order from local businesses instead. They have many of the same products as Amazon, but more personalized customer service and care.

Stock up on gift cards. Buy gift cards from local businesses in Seaport and save them to use as gifts. Or, just put them in your wallet and give yourself a gift for later.

When you order food, tip a little more than average. Leave some money – not just change – in the tip jar of your favorite local coffee shop. If you don’t need or want anything, but still want to support a local business, consider donating. Cash is always appreciated, and even a small amount can go a long way. It’s simple, and you can be certain that your donation will be taken with great gratitude. There’s a lot of ways that your monetary support can help support local. Think outside the box.  

We need them. They need us. It’s important to support the local businesses in Seaport. Want to know more? Check out this site to learn about the businesses available to you in the area. What can you do to spread the love?

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