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living green at Flats on D

How You Can Help the Planet by Living Green at Flats on D

Living green at Flats on D is easy because we care about the environment. With high-efficiency heating and cooling, Energy Star appliances, and LEED Certification, your apartment is designed to be better for the planet. But there’s also more you can do. Go the extra mile and live your greenest life!

Separate Garbage, Recycling and Compost

Recycling and composting are two of the more obvious ways to care for your environment. The power of this simple action is worth the extra two minutes it takes. Don’t automatically throw everything in the trash can. Set up a recycling bin and compost bin in your home and make sure you take the extra moment to consider what you’re throwing out. Hang a page on your refrigerator that reminds you of what’s recyclable and what’s not. Ask your friends to join you in a recycling challenge. Who can waste the least?

Reduce Simple Waste

Waste is everywhere. When you really pay attention, your waste habits become more obvious. Pay all your bills online. Complete all paperwork online. Ask for paperless receipts when you go shopping. Stop using plastic water bottles. They fill up landfills and take a long time to decompose. Invest in a great reusable water bottle for an environmentally friendly choice. Get a water filter to continue to refill your new bottle with great tasting water. When you’re living green at Flats on D, small steps matter. Think about the little things you could do to reduce waste and start doing them today!

Use Green Cleaning Products

Standard cleaning products contain a number of chemicals. None of these chemicals should be release into the environment. Natural cleaning products are better for earth, and safer for pets and children! You’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Earth will thank you. And don’t worry! Green products get your home just as clean as regular products, but without the consequences. Next time you set out to clean, make sure you’re using the best products. Reduce your environmental footprint. Reduce your chemical use.

Living green at Flats on D is important to you and it’s important to us. There’s a lot you can do to make sure you’re helping the environment thrive. Mother Earth deserves your love. What will your green living initiative be?

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