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Tips for Staying Productive at Flats on D to Make the Most of Your Time

If you’re working from home, or just working on home projects, it can be hard to stay productive. The couch and TV are right in front of you. Lounging around would be so much easier. But, you don’t want to do that! Follow these tips to help you be productive at Flats on D and make the most of your time.

Don’t Wear Pajamas

It’s tempting to wear your pajamas all day, every day, when given the chance. But don’t. Start your day right with a good breakfast, a shower and a change of clothes. Spend some time alone to prepare yourself for the day.  When you start your day right by doing all you can to be ready for the work day, you’re helping yourself stay productive at Flats on D. Pajamas are great, but they’re not the right fit for being and staying motivated.

Keep a List of Three

Think honestly about what you can get done for the day. What should you get done? What would you like to get done? Then, make some lists of threes. The first list has three things that you absolutely will do today. The second has three things you’ll get done if you have the chance. The final list is a reminder of three things that need to be done eventually. To start, work through the first list. Then, once that’s finished, you have a plan for the rest of the day and an idea of all the things you can and should do. Start fresh with a new list tomorrow!

Take Breaks and Know When to Stop

Don’t overwork yourself. It’s important to remember to take breaks. Work for an hour, and then take a 15-minute break. Get a snack or stand up and stretch. Make sure to set a timer so that you’re break doesn’t become never ending. Taking time to reset your mind and body will help you stay productive at Flats on D and improve the quality of the work you do. Once you’re done for the day, be done for the day. If an idea strikes you, make a note of it for later. Don’t go back to work. It’ll just hurt you and your productivity in the long run.

Don’t waste time. Don’t lose time. Help yourself be productive at Flats on D by following these simple guidelines. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

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