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On-Site Retail at Flats on D That You Can’t Pass Up

Did you know that at Flats on D, you have access to lots of retail? You don’t have to leave your home to grab a bite to eat, pick up some everyday items or cash your check. With the all the on-site retail at Flats on D, you have everything you need just outside your door.

Dry Cleaning and Bank

Forgetting to pick up your dry cleaning is a horrible feeling, especially when you really needed that blazer for an important meeting tomorrow. With Lapels Dry Cleaning in your building, you don’t have to worry about making it across town in the morning. Another stressor? Trying to make it to the bank before it closes. Luckily, there’s a bank on-site at Flats on D so you can get that check cashed before you head up to your apartment after a long day at work. These convenient retails help you simplify your errands.  

Coffee and Sandwich Shop

Sometimes, you just don’t want to cook. Sometimes, your own coffee just doesn’t taste as good as someone else’s. At Flats on D, there’s a solution to both of those problems. When you’re craving a delicious meal, stop at Jimmy John’s. When you need a pick me up, there’s a Starbucks in-house, just for you. Thanks to these great shops, you don’t have to leave the building to go out to eat. Does it get any better than that?

Convenience Store and Seaport Wine

It’s a hassle to get in your car and drive to a store just for one simple item that you just can’t wait to get. For your everyday needs, Flats on D houses a convenience store. When you forgot to pick something up on your last shopping trip, don’t stress. Just head to the convenience store to get what you need and get it fast. The retail at Flats on D features another store for life’s necessities – Seaport Wine. Forget to get a gift for the party you’re going to? Having friends over last minute? Exhausted from another bad day? Seaport Wine is there to help.

There’s plenty of on-site retail at Flats on D for making your life better and easier. Make sure you take advantages of all that Flats on D has to offer and don’t miss out of these perks! 

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