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How to Help Your Pets at Flats on D Feel More at Home

pets at Flats on D

Pets really are a part of the family, so of course you only want the best for them. Both cats and dogs can have a hard time living in an apartment. Luckily, there are things you can do to make them more comfortable. These tips will help your pets at Flats on D feel more at home. They’ll thank you for it later.

Provide Entertainment

Just as you get bored, so do your pets. Make sure they can easily access chew toys, scratch posts or other forms of entertainment. This will help keep them busy and active throughout the day while you’re away or preoccupied. Not only is this method good for their physical and mental health, it’s good for you, too. When pets get bored, they have a tendency to occupy themselves by chewing your shoes or scratching your couch. Though toys and posts might take up some extra space, they’re a necessity for making your pets at Flats on D feel more at home.

Supervise Them

Your pet won’t know you’re supervising them, of course, but it will still make things easier on the both of you. Pet cameras like Petcube have motion and noise sensors and will send you alerts when your pet barks or moves around. When you’re away on business, this device will allow you to talk to your pet and virtually play with them. You can even get a camera that has a built-in treat dispenser. Supervision will help give you peace of mind and give your pet that connection they search for when they’re home alone!

Give Them A Safe Space

When you need time alone, you have a bedroom you can cozy up and relax in. Though you might like it when your pet curls up in bed with you, they need a bedroom of their own – a safe space for them to snuggle up in when they need to wind down. A crate or pet bed are both acceptable options. Just make sure the space is designated to your pet and your pet only and leave them alone when they’re in their special place.

You love your pet and your pet loves you. Show you care by taking a few simple, extra steps to make their home feel more like home. Just like their owners, all the pets at Flats on D deserve luxury.

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