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Tips for Creating a Personalized Space for Working from Home at Flats on D

working from home at Flats on D

Working from home at Flats on D can be challenging, but there are things you can do to help yourself do and feel better. You’re going to need a personalized workspace, a place customized to you and your needs. A place to be excited about. A place to focus. Try these tips to help you create a space that’s best for you.


Add some décor to your workspace – either practical or just for show. Plants are proven to increase attentiveness and raise productivity, so adding a bit of greenery on or next to your desk will spruce up your look and help you work. Incorporate your favorite colors into your workspace by accessorizing with colored sticky notes, pens, a lamp, a calendar and notebooks. Your basic desk needs can become decorative when you make them fun and bright. It is your workspace, so make it look and feel like you. You can ever clutter it, just a little, with a silly decorative piece that just speaks to you.


You can incorporate pictures into your workspace in two different ways. One option would be to surround yourself with photos of your significant other, family, friends or pets. These photos will act as a friendly reminder that you’re not alone, even when your secluded in your home office. If you’re struggling to stay motivated when working from home at Flats on D, consider hanging up images that inspire you. Pictures that remind you of your passion for your field of work. This will personalize your space to your needs and just simply give you something to look at when you need a brain break.


You’re working from home, so who can tell you not to listen to music? Listening to music at work might help you complete your tasks faster and help you come up with better ideas. Download a music app to your phone or laptop and play some gentle, upbeat sounds to fill your space while you work. Use headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. This won’t physically personalize your workspace, but it will still make a difference and help your space just feel more like you!

When you have a personalized space, working from home at Flats on D will be a little bit easier and more enjoyable. What will you add to your workspace?

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