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Flats on D Amenities That Bring You Warmth on Cool Days

Flats on D amenities

Cold weather can really put a damper on your mood. Don’t let the winter blues get you down this year. Instead, make the most of these Flats on D amenities that will bring you warmth on the cool days. 

Full Floor-to-ceiling Windows

Though the air is chilly, the sun still provides a little bit of warmth. With full floor-to-ceiling windows in your home, you can let all the light in. Open the blinds wide so the sun can brighten your space. You need to soak up those UV rays to keep your spirits high, especially when you’re not spending as much time outdoors. With all the light coming in, you might even start to feel a little bit warm on the sunnier days. Thanks to this Flats on D amenity, your space will never feel as cool and dreary as it does outside.

High Efficiency On Demand Heating

You are control. The weather in Boston might be unpredictable and unpleasant at times, but at Flats on D, you’re always in control of your own weather. With high efficiency on demand heating, you can change the temperature of your apartment as often as you’d like. Keep it toasty on the breeziest days or turn it down on sunny days to let the sun do it’s work. Worry less. Stay warm. You have the tool you need to do both.

Fitness Centers

Flats on D features not one, but two 24-hour fitness centers. If you’re curled up on your couch snuggled in your blanket and still feel cold, it’s time to take action. Hit the gym to get your blood pumping and to help rise your body temperate. Once you’re finished, you’ll want to go outside just to cool off again! The gym not only helps physically warm you, but also helps bring some warmth to your mind. Being active produces some of the necessary hormones your mind needs to feel better. Improve your physical and mental health all while staying warm with this Flats on D amenity.

These Flats on D amenities were designed with your best in mind. Though transitioning into cold weather can be a challenge, these features will help you feel warmer – both physically and mentally. Are you ready for the new season?

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