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3 New Holiday Traditions for You and Your Family at Flats on D

family at Flats on D

The holidays are a magical time – full of giving and compassion. The holidays are also the time for lots of enjoyable, seasonal activities. Ice skating, hanging stockings and wrapping presents might already be a part of your December schedule. This year, start something new. These holiday traditions are perfect for you and your family at Flats on D.

Fill a Shoebox Full of Toys

Operation Christmas Drive is an opportunity for your family to give back to less fortunate children this Christmas. You choose a gender and an age range to shop for, then you fill the shoebox full of toys, supplies and other treasures that a child might need or want. You can even track your shoebox after you send it off to see where it ends up. The shopping is fun and the impact is rewarding, so it’s a perfect Christmas tradition to truly embrace the season.

Have a Family Slumber Party

Plug in the Christmas tree, put on the snug pajamas and turn on a favorite Christmas movie. While the movie plays, gather blankets and pillows and build a cozy fort for everyone to sleep under. Once you’re all snuggled up together, admire the lights and talk about the season. Read a Christmas story together. This magical night under the Christmas lights is sure to be a memorable one for the whole family at Flats on D.

Go for a Christmas Light Drive

A designated evening to do absolutely nothing other than drive around and look at Christmas lights is a dream come true. It’s relaxing and enchanting. Take popcorn and hot chocolate in a travel mug. Play Christmas music through the radio and sing along together. The holidays can be hectic, so a simple activity like this is just what you need to refresh your soul and get back into the Christmas spirit.  

These low-key yet rewarding holiday traditions are must-adds to your Christmas bucket list. Which one will you make an annual occurrence? How can you make it your own? Spend some extra time with your family at Flats on D this year and see what magic you can create.

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