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Tips for Making Magic at Flats on D with Your Own Winter Wonderland

magic at Flats on D

A winter wonderland doesn’t have to involve cold. In fact, you can create one within your own home. The tips will help you create magic at Flats on D and truly feel the winter, Christmas spirit.

Let it Glow

Nothing says winter wonderland like a room full of Christmas lights. Hang string lights across the room. Get shorter strands so that they can dangle from the ceiling, hanging down like wonderful snow falling from the sky. Don’t just frame your window, cover it with curtain string lights. Keep all of the lights the same white or gold glow. These lights will be relaxing, not overwhelming and are the staple of having magic at Flats on D.

Think Cozy

There’s a certain kind of cozy that you’ll want to incorporate throughout your home to have it looking like a winter wonderland. When you think winter, you think a blanket of white, clean snow. This is the image you should have whenever you add the cozy aspects. Faux sheepskins and puffy white pom poms are just two ways that you can give your home an instant white winter vibe.

Add Ambiance

The final touch to create magic at Flats on D is your own personalized ambiance. This means you need candles and you need a scent. Any open flat surface you have should be decorated with a candle arrangement. Then, choose a scent that speaks to you and add several wall plug-ins or diffusers that spread this aroma throughout. These simple touches are what you’ll need to truly feel the magic.

Turn on the lights, snuggle up in the sheepskins, light your candles and let the magic at Flats on D fill you up. Your home will be completely transformed to the winter wonderland you’ve always dreamed of.

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