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3 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals at Flats on D

Springtime is the perfect time to get motivated, get outside, and start working on your fitness! There are countless ways to accomplish your goals, and these tips are sure to help you reach your fitness goals at Flats on D! 

Take Advantage of the Spring Weather

Springtime weather is ideal for getting outside, exercising and breathing in a breath of fresh air! With easy and stress-free access to the beautiful Seaport neighborhood, it’s easier to get motivated to get moving in the outdoors. Not only are you immersed in this beautiful city and within walking distance of the popular Lawn on D, Flats on D residents also have access to an outdoor Bocce Ball Court and Field Turf Sports Court! These features will surely add some much needed excitement and fun to your workout, helping you reach your fitness goals at Flats on D!

State of the Art Indoor Fitness Center

We all know that the weather isn’t always perfect in the spring. For those rainy days when you can’t move your workout to the great outdoors, Flats on D has you covered! Our 24/7, state of the art indoor fitness center is equipped with a plethora of machines and workout equipment that guarantee you will break a sweat and be one step closer to reaching your fitness goals!

Get into a Healthier Eating Routine

It’s not easy to quit the junk food we all love to indulge in, but creating and incorporating healthy eating habits into your daily life is an essential element of reaching your fitness goals. Living at Flats on D makes this much easier! There are multiple grocery stores and markets nearby with a multitude of healthy options, giving you the ability to eat and cook healthier without having to travel to do so! Flats on D’s kitchens also make the cooking process easier, and more enjoyable. Modern, spacious kitchens, equipped with stainless steel, Energy Star appliances ensure an enjoyable cooking experience and a wonderful space to enjoy your healthy home-cooked meals! 

Ready to find your perfect fit at Flats on D? Schedule a tour today or contact us for more information!