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3 Feel-Good Movies for a Rainy Spring Day at Flats on D

While the weather is getting warmer and summer is quickly approaching, the occasional rainy day is bound to happen. And when it does, you can curl up in your cozy Flats on D living room, or visit the screening room, to watch one (or a few) of these classic feel-good movies to brighten up a gloomy day! 

“The Sandlot”

There’s nothing like summertime and a feel-good movie about the American Pastime to make you forget all about a gloomy, rainy day! In this 1993 classic, you’ll follow a group of friends around as they spend their summer bonding over their shared love of baseball and sticking together through silly, sweet, and sometimes scary adventures! Whether you’ve seen it once or multiple times, “The Sandlot” is sure to brighten your day every time! 


How can you go wrong with this 1970s-does-1950s musical movie, blockbuster hit? (Hint: you can’t!) Whether you’re cooped up inside on a rainy spring day or a relaxing Summer Night (get it?) this classic will have you singing, dancing, and maybe even hoping for a time machine! The star studded cast of “Grease” and the well-loved soundtrack is sure to leave you feeling better than good on a rainy day at Flats on D! 

“Mamma Mia”

Here we go again (with another musical)! You’ll forget all about the rainy day outside when you’re in your Flats on D home watching this smash hit, jukebox rom-com from 2008. This film is based largely around the many hit songs of the world renowned musical group ABBA. Let “Mamma Mia” take you away to Greece and get you up and singing while you pass away the rainy day in your Flats on D home!


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