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Decorating Tips for Your Flats on D Balcony this Summer

On a hot, sunny summer day or a warm summer night, a balcony is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery available at Flats on D. These decorating tips will help you ensure that your Flats on D balcony is stylish, stunning, and one of your go-to spots for relaxation this summer!

Make it shine! 

There are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to fun outdoor lighting, and a balcony is the perfect place to find which option suits you best and let it shine! At night, when you’re sitting outside enjoying the weather, perhaps sipping on a cocktail, a subtle glow from twinkling string lights is the perfect touch to your modern, yet elegant outdoor relaxation space. They come in traditional string light style, Edison Bulb style, and in all different funky shapes, sizes and colors to suit your summer decorating style. 

Comfort is key

We’ve all been there…. forced to sit on unbearably uncomfortable outdoor furniture. A few stylish chairs with soft cushions and an outdoor rug or two to match your style are the perfect solution to relaxing outdoors on your Flats on D balcony. A helpful tip is to spring for weatherproof seat cushions and outdoor rugs so you’re not obligated to take in your cushions each time there is a chance of inclement weather. This way, the maintenance is lower and you never have to worry about your balcony not looking stylish this summer! 

Where practicality meets play 

If you’re a resident who works from home, not only will those comfortable seat cushions come in handy on a leisurely day, but a trendy (and sturdy) outdoor table or stand could be perfect for the days when it’s just too beautiful outside to remain working indoors. When it’s time to clock out and put the laptop away, the table can switch duties to hold your cocktail or evening snack. Either way, it’s a win-win and will give your Flats on D balcony another style and practicality point! 

Floral fun

For a pop of color on your Flats on D balcony, a perfect solution is a potted plant (or two)! There are countless options to choose from depending on your color scheme and overall stylistic taste. Just remember to carefully consider the lighting situation on your balcony so that your plant can thrive and add some life to your already stunning balcony! 

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