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3 Classic Scary Movies You Have to Watch this Halloween at Flats On D

For your Halloween at Flats on D, these timeless scary movies are sure to provide a good scare, guaranteeing you’ll be entertained and on the edge of your seat for the spookiest day of the year! 


If you’ve ever given out candy to trick or treaters, chances are you’ve seen a few (or many) “Scream” masks. Maybe you went as this classic horror film character for Halloween once yourself! This story is another edge-of-your-seat slasher, with plenty of elements of surprise, and with the added scare factor of being inspired by a true story! Along with the other films in this list, there are three “Scream” sequels for an extra bit of spookiness!


This quintessential horror film never gets old, and there is no better time to watch it than on Halloween, of course! The events chronicled on the holiday in Haddonfield, Illinois are sure to give you chills to the bone and a pounding heart every time you turn a dark corner. You never know where you’ll encounter the masked “shape”, Michael Myers! The best part about “Halloween” is that there are currently 12 films in the series and the newest is currently in theaters! So if you love the first, there are plenty of spooks to follow! 


Is there anything more iconic in the world of horror films than the shower scene with the shrill, intense orchestral music? This Alfred Hitchcock film will take you on a journey through the terrifying world of Norman Bates and his eerie Bates Motel. Additionally, Halloween and “Psycho” are connected by a common thread… the leading ladies are related! As a fun fact, Janet Leigh, the iconic Marion Crane in “Psycho” is the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays the terrorized babysitter Laurie Strode in “Halloween”. With 5 films in the “Psycho” franchise, you’ll also have plenty of spooky viewing material on Halloween!

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