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Tips for Giving Back to the Seaport Community This Holiday Season

It’s the giving season and these tips for giving back to the Seaport Community can make a direct impact in your area this holiday season!


Volunteer your time

As valuable as it is to donate money or goods this time of year, your time is equally as valuable to many charities, organizations and local businesses. There are many avenues to explore when you are looking to volunteer and these include animal shelters, local parks, libraries, food pantries, and everything in between. Being generous with your time can make an impact in your community that you see and feel. 

Pay it forward

While you’re out on a coffee run, filling up at the gas pump, doing your gift shopping or grocery shopping, paying for the person in front of or behind you can not only make someone’s day, but could potentially lift some of the holiday stress and weight off of their shoulders. For many people, every penny counts this time of year and paying it forward in your community is just one way to spread holiday cheer. 

Shop small, shop locally

This time of year can be huge for local businesses, and doing your holiday shopping locally in Seaport will not only directly help the shop owners but will also support the local economy. Not to mention, gifts from small businesses have a special personal touch that comes with them and that cannot be duplicated in large stores. Shopping locally is sure to be appreciated by anyone you purchase from and who is on the receiving end of your generosity. Not to mention, this could also inspire others to shop locally and give these smaller businesses more customers! 


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