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3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Flats on D Home on a Cold Winter Day

In the throes of winter, it can be difficult to even imagine warm weather or the idea of enjoying a bright, sunny day without having to layer up. These tips will help you brighten up your Flats on D home and have you looking forward to warmer days ahead! 


Grab a houseplant or two

There’s no doubt that a pop of color can help brighten up any living space, and house plants are a vibrant way to do exactly that. With a wide variety of plants in different shapes, sizes, and colors, you will be sure to find the perfect plants for you with just a slight bit of research. Popular house plants include Monstera, Spider Plants, Orchids, and more! As an added bonus, most house plants require little maintenance to keep them healthy, never interfering with your bustling Boston lifestyle. 


Incorporate bright colors into your living space 

In addition to houseplants, there are a seemingly endless amount of ways to incorporate bright colors into your home. Accent pillows, decorative lighting, statement furniture pieces, and colorful art are just a few of the many ways in which you can easily incorporate spring and summer colors into your everyday life. By adding a touch (or more!) of brightness to your home, you are sure to enjoy an elevated mood and a sense of excitement for the warmer months. 


Cook a summery meal

Cooking a warm-weather meal can satisfy your need for brightness in many ways. With a feast for your eyes, delicious aromas, and delectable flavors, you’re sure to feel a sense of brightness in your day. Whether it’s a light salad, a citrus chicken dish, a crunchy wrap, or a fruity dessert, the process of cooking (and, of course, eating!) any of these foods and an endless array of others can be a quick fix for when you need a touch of summer on a cold winter day.


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