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Fun Outdoor Activities to Take Advantage of this Winter at Flats on D

It may seem like there is not as much to do outdoors during the winter months, but in Boston, you’re never far from exciting and unique outdoor activities. There is no excuse to have “cabin fever” living in this gorgeous city, and these are just a few fun outdoor activities to take advantage of this winter at Flats on D.


Ice skating

This classic winter activity is a must-experience each year, and fortunately for Flats on D residents, there are numerous spots in Boston to ice skate your heart out! You can visit the Rink at 401 Park, Kendall Square, and the Boston Common Frog Pond, just to name a few! You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time enjoying being out and about in stunning Boston, plus it’s a great activity for gathering a group of friends for a day or night out on the town! 


Explore the city and warm up with a beverage or two! 

Boston’s rich history and stunning views are equally as stunning, no matter the season! After a fresh dusting of snow, taking a walk around the city is a breathtaking experience. If you are strolling the city and seeing the sights or exploring with a group of friends, you’ll need to warm up with a delicious beverage, of course! Whether you’re looking for a hot chocolate (regular or boozy!), an out-of-this-world hot toddy, mulled wine or something entirely different, there are a multitude of options throughout the city. Click here to visit a guide of some of the best hot beverages for a cold winter day exploring your city!


Dine outdoors (Yes, you read that correctly. Outdoors!)

If you’re yearning for an outdoor dining experience, usually only associated with the warmer months, you’re in luck. There is no shortage of exciting and unique outdoor dining experiences in Boston, even in the coldest time of winter! From heated igloos, complimentary or discounted food and beverage “snow emergency” deals, and more, click here for a guide of 30 incredible outdoor dining experiences you have to try in Boston!


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