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4 Ideas for a Winter Staycation at Flats on D

Are you wanting the feeling of “getting away”, but don’t have the time to actually get away? A staycation sounds like the perfect solution! These ideas are perfect for a winter staycation right at your Flats on D home! 

Dinner and a show at home

Dinner and a show doesn’t always mean you have to go out. You can indulge in a delicious home-made  meal or delivery/take-out from your favorite local restaurant, watch a new movie or binge a new show all from your Flats on D home! This is a great way to dedicate time to trying new recipes or indulging in a familiar comfort meal, all depending on what you’re up for! You can also have fun decorating for your night with fun string lights, movie popcorn bowls, and much more! 

Self-care day

It’s a simple truth that most of us don’t take enough time for self-care. You can pamper yourself without ever leaving your Flats on D home with Our spacious apartment homes with floor-to-ceiling windows and incredible views create the perfect environment to truly slow down and enjoy some time to take care of number one…you! Leisurely follow each step in your self-care routine, sip on an herbal tea (or whatever beverage you prefer – maybe a visit to the on-site Seaport Wine & Spirits is in order?), put on a face mask, read a book… you get the idea! 

Be a tourist in your own backyard

It’s easy to fall into a routine and forget to venture out and see everything that your city has to offer! Boston and the Seaport neighborhood have so much to offer, and you are never far from it all at Flats on D. This area is full of incredible places, historical sights, and beautiful things to see and experience, so take a day to become a tourist in your own town! To hit every spot you want to see and maybe even plan your next “tourist” day, a helpful tip is to map out each spot you want to visit ahead of time!

Get crafty!

Be honest, out of the many DIY projects or crafts you’ve seen and promptly thought to yourself, “I’m going to learn how to do that!”, how many have you actually followed through with? Taking some time to let your creative juices flow, learn a new artistic skill, or even attempt finding a new hobby for yourself is incredibly relaxing and can inspire you in many ways beyond the craft itself! This can be something that you do with your favorite show on or music lightly in the background, or a group activity with friends and loved ones. Part of the fun is also going shopping for supplies, so plan a crafty shopping spree and settle in for a day of creativity!

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