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Life at Flats

flats on d shops

How To Make the Most of Flats on D Shops this Season

Make the most of Flats on D shops this season! From an on-site dry-cleaning service to banking and more, Flats on D makes life’s little errands easy and convenient. Flats on D shops make life a breeze! Get your weekly...

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flats on d grills

Fire Up the Flats on D Grills for These Delicious Recipes

Summer is the perfect time to cook out with the Flats on D grills. Good views, good food and good company await when you try out these delicious recipes. What are you waiting for? Get grilling! Honey Soy Grilled Pork...

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staycation at flats on d

Create a Relaxing Staycation at Flats on D

No plans this summer? Treat yourself to some rest and relaxation with a staycation at Flats on D. With luxury features and amenities, you’ll find plenty of ways to de-stress and focus on doing what makes you happy. So kick...

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ice cream in seaport

4 Places To Go For Ice Cream in Seaport

Looking for a way to cool off near Flats on D this summer? Go for ice cream in Seaport at these shops. Find unique twists and flavors or the classics everyone loves. You’ll love how convenient and close this refreshing...

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work from home at flats on d

How to Work From Home at Flats on D

You can work from home at Flats on D with comfortable spaces designed for maximum productivity and views of the Seaport District. Give these spaces a try and enjoy the convenience of on-site retail for quick afternoon breaks. Find The...

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date night at flats on d

How To Spend Date Night at Flats on D

Looking for ways to spend date night? Enjoy the company of your significant other with a date night at Flats on D. There are plenty of luxury amenities that will have you feeling sparks. Give these date night ideas a...

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